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About Us

Watford Get Active is the Sports Development Service on behalf of Watford Borough Council.

Watford Get Active builds on the success of the Council’s previous Sports Development Framework and covers the period up to 2023. We believe that sport and physical activity can positively impact on the lives of our residents, and there is a growing body of evidence to support the notion that sport and physical activity can play an important role as cost effective vehicles for positive social change – particularly around the areas of physical and mental health and well-being; social inclusion; community cohesion; crime and disorder reduction; educational attainment; skills development and employ-ability.

Our vision is for a bold, progressive and high performing council which delivers a thriving and successful town for everyone. Sport and physical activity has a very important role to play in bringing local people together; in countering inequality; and creating a caring environment, leading to an improved quality of life for our residents.

The aim of the service is to get more people in the Watford area active. Whether that’s through taking part, coaching, leading or volunteering. We work hard with our partners to deliver sport and physical activity opportunities in Watford.

For more information on the Sports and Physical activity Framework please click here

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