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Cycling without Age

'Cycling without Age’ is a non-profit global initiative, founded in Copenhagen in 2012.

The volunteer projects take local elders and care homes residents out on ‘trishaw’ cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair. They bring generations closer together using special trishaws (three-wheel cycles with a passenger cab out front). They have electrical power assist, so there is no need to be super-sporty to be a volunteer cycle leader. ( This is where the phase “Wind Through your Hair” comes from )

The rides are comfortable, fun and free. They enable people to experience the outdoors and nature close-up from the bicycle. The cycle project and passengers alike enjoy the physical and emotional well-being benefits. The joy of riding in the trishaw cab stimulates spirits to fly and stories to flow! This project is an expansion of the very successful cycling offer we currently run in Watford in partnership with British Cycling and Watford Cycle Hub where together we’re trying to change behaviour across the nation to get more people cycling – and it’s working.


We are working in partnership with Watford Cycle Hub to deliver a “Cycling without Age” opportunity in Watford.


Watford cycle hub’s cycling expertise, experience in co-ordinating existing rides for the Borough Council, have a synergy with “Cycling Without Age” and the National Sports Strategy for an Active Nation, irrespective of ability, age and gender, The cycle hub already have a  positive engagement with a Care home professional amongst their volunteer workforce.

Local resident Marjorie commented: “It was like a trip down memory lane; seeing the dogs and the children in the park, just like I used to do!”

The trishaw, a rickshaw-style device can comfortably seat two people and will be piloted by volunteer cyclists through Cassiobury Park. They have electrical pedal-assist, so there is no need to be super-sporty to be a volunteer. The initiative that aims to increase physical activity and emotional wellbeing with both the passengers and cyclists alike, has been funded through the public health partnership between Hertfordshire County Council and Watford Borough Council.

This project is an expansion of the very successful ‘Lets Ride’ free led and guided rides for all, which the council currently runs in Watford through partnerships with British Cycling and Watford Cycle Hub. Its aim is to get more people - more active, more often, through cycling - encouraging riding groups and offering cycling courses for adults and children.

The rides are free with the trishaws currently based at Watford Cycle Hub. Whether you’d like to book a ride for an elderly friend/relative or fancy becoming a volunteer cyclist, please contact – Nick at Watford Cycle Hub via email: for more information.

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