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Physical Activity Referral Scheme

The Watford and Three Rivers Physical Activity Referral Scheme offers residents the opportunity to access a 12 week gym and swim programme at participating leisure venues. For as little as £3.50 per session, you will receive a personalised exercise programme and support from an exercise referral instructor, including review and evaluation appointments. 


If you are inactive and meet any of the following criteria, a Health Professional can refer you on to the scheme to help improve your condition:


- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol


- Have muscle or joint problems

- A mild to moderate mental health condition 

- Arthritis

- Stroke

- Asthma

- Diabetes

- Overweight


Visit your local GP or Health Professional to request a referral, then contact one of the leisure venues listed below to book your referral appointment.

Leisure Centre Venues

  • Watford Leisure Centre - Central Tel: 01923 296750

  • Watford Leisure Centre - Woodside Tel: 01923 892710

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